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  • Guilty Offense? A Defense.
    Guilty Offense? A Defense.

    A prosecutor in Louisiana apparently wishes to ensure accused people are punished for trying to defend themselves against having been accused. Throughout history, and throughout the world, there have ...

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  • The So-Called Rule of Law
    The So-Called Rule of Law

    In the aftermath of what appears to be a not-well-thought-out xenophobic executive order banning—or pausing, or just plain being confused, which goes back to the idea that it was ...

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  • "Rulezizrulez:" The Law of Rules v. The Rule of Law

    Yesterday, the State of Alabama murdered a man to teach him – and presumably potential future murderers of people – that murdering people is wrong. The man’s name was Christopher Eugene Brooks. It’s ...

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  • Rule of Law versus Rule of Man | RHDefense
    Rule of Law versus Rule of Man | RHDefense

    Anyone who followed this blog in the past would know that I used to blog regularly. And then I didn’t. Now comes a New Year (caps required), and the requisite Resolutions, which may, or may not, be ...

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  • The Problem with Social Justice Warriors
    The Problem with Social Justice Warriors

    There are times when it seems that the old saying, “There’s no convincing some people,” needs revision, editing, shortening, whatever: “There’s no convincing people.” As a lawyer, I see this as a ...

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  • Truth, or No Consequences
    Truth, or No Consequences

    Yesterday, I wrote to point out that the death of the Constitution comes more from the lack of integrity of the judiciary, than from the batons, pepper spray, or bullets of cops. Today, Gideon, a ...

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