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  • Recognizing Race
    Recognizing Race

    As CNN notes, There’s a predictable pattern to the aftermath of too many deadly police shootings: Neighbors and anti-police brutality groups take to the streets. Groups supporting the officers stand ...

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  • Quick Look: Living Lives of Fear
    Quick Look: Living Lives of Fear

    I had a hard time coming up with a title for this post: living lives of fear seems the best fit, but I also considered “put a bullet in it.” Because this post is about yet another incident in which ...

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  • Why You Look Racist
    Why You Look Racist

    This blog post started as a “simple” response to someone on Facebook who appears to have racist motivations for her posts, but I decided to imagine for a moment that she isn’t really an intentional ...

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  • Nationalized House Arrest, the Culmination of Total Control (Updated)
    Nationalized House Arrest, the Culmination of Total Control (Updated)

    A couple of weeks or more ago, Fresno criminal defense lawyer Harry Drandel was attacked by the Fresno Sheriff’s Department while trying to enter the courthouse. Harry, who has been an respected ...

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  • Simpson Screwed
    Simpson Screwed

    O.J. Simpson might be guilty of having committed a crime. The prosecution in his case, however, has ensured that we’ll never really know. Backed by the judge, the prosecutor in the case excluded all ...

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  • White Men Can't Jump Think
    White Men Can't Jump Think

    Listen to this CNN report and you’ll understand the reason for the title of my post. The only real problem is that while the mentality expressed in the report is typical of what bigoted white people ...

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