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  • Let's Make a Deal: the Joy of the Old
    Let's Make a Deal: the Joy of the Old "In-and-Out"

    I’ve said before that I hate plea bargains . I think they should be illegal. They have become little more than a bludgeon that puts too many innocent people in jail, or prison, and imprisons even too ...

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  • It Happens Every Day
    It Happens Every Day

    There has already been quite a lot of ink spilt on the Internet (Update 9/26/2016: link broken) regarding the recent sad loss of Aaron Swartz. (And, yes, Bunny Chafowitz, I put “spilt” in there just ...

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  • Such a Deal!
    Such a Deal!

    One of the more difficult things to deal with as a criminal defense attorney is feeling responsible for someone’s life, liberty, and, of course, happiness. There are all kinds of reasons why it isn’t ...

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  • Let's Make A Deal
    Let's Make A Deal

    One of the more difficult things about being a criminal defense lawyer has been learning how to deal with the question of plea agreements. I’m not the only one who has struggled with this question; ...

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