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  • Forensic Testimony: There's Your Expert
    Forensic Testimony: There's Your Expert

    Early yesterday, I posted an image to Twitter. It was a screenshot from a book on Forensic Testimony. The book is, as best I can tell, a compilation of articles on the subject. The first one, at ...

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  • Managing Cloudy Days
    Managing Cloudy Days

    Many years ago now, I worked as a Director of Information Systems for a very large company, but I (thankfully) left before managing cloudy days—working with online, cloud-based, data storage—became a ...

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  • Tweets & Stones
    Tweets & Stones

    Well, so I’m a few minutes late getting to the party on this issue of tweets, twits, stones…whatever. Okay, maybe it’s a few days. On the other hand, I don’t see any of you paying me to write these ...

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  • A Dookhansian World
    A Dookhansian World

    In today’s world, I have serious doubts I can expect anyone to get the reference in my title, so I’m going to start off by ruining the punchline on the headline right here: it’s a play on the idea of ...

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  • Send in the Clowns
    Send in the Clowns

    Americans are freaking out over non-existent killer clowns. Again. This isn’t news. Not anymore, if it ever was. Since the early 80s, there have been several localized rumor-panics in North America ...

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  • Internet Answers, Unsocial Media, and Blood Shed
    Internet Answers, Unsocial Media, and Blood Shed

    I don’t write as much as some other bloggers. Sometimes, I think it’s because I’m not as smart; I don’t see things as clearly. Other times, I think it’s just because having been a lawyer for only ...

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