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  • Telling Stories: A Confession
    Telling Stories: A Confession

    Creation Just yesterday morning, in the courthouse cafeteria, I’m sitting with two attorneys when the topic of the Trial Lawyers College comes up. I will return there in August for what will be my ...

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  • The Nerve of Law Enforcement
    The Nerve of Law Enforcement

    For most of the ten years that I’ve practiced criminal defense as a private attorney, about fifty percent of my practice would typically be juvenile delinquency cases. I had many opportunities to see ...

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  • Teach Your Children Well (Part 1 of 2)
    Teach Your Children Well (Part 1 of 2)

    Hank Delcore posted the following on Facebook yesterday: Sharing a waiting space with other parents of kids in the same extra curricular activity as my kid. One of them is a white cop in a local ...

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  • Malice in Wonderland
    Malice in Wonderland

    For a thinking, attentive person who grew up in a free and democratic republic, life in the United States lately almost daily seems like an episode of the Twilight Zone, but with cartoons. One day, ...

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  • It Starts With The Children
    It Starts With The Children

    Whenever someone wants to pass a bad law, the sales pitch is nearly always based on the idea that we need to “do it for the children.” I originally titled this post “Do It To The Children,” but as I ...

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  • The Molestation of Justice
    The Molestation of Justice

    I originally titled this post, “Will the Real Sex Offenders Please Fuck Off.” But I was afraid some of you might think less of me, upon realizing that—even though it’s completely appropriate under the ...

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