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  • Truth, or No Consequences
    Truth, or No Consequences

    Yesterday, I wrote to point out that the death of the Constitution comes more from the lack of integrity of the judiciary, than from the batons, pepper spray, or bullets of cops. Today, Gideon, a ...

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  • Appearances

    Wow. Jamison Koehler was responsible for BlawgReview #296 this week and chose to focus on “Images from the Criminal Law Blawgosphere.” As I read it, I repeatedly marveled to myself. First, I thought ...

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  • A Judge's Duty to Public Safety
    A Judge's Duty to Public Safety

    The other day, I was in court when a judge I actually like did something that I definitely don’t. It’s not just a matter of my not liking it, however. It’s part and parcel of why the United States of ...

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  • Oh, To Be A Prosecutor!
    Oh, To Be A Prosecutor!

    For obvious reasons, I’m not going to get too detailed in this post. This post is going to give one example from my own experience of why I think judges these days are not doing their jobs; they’ve ...

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  • Judge Oppliger: Living the Nightmare
    Judge Oppliger: Living the Nightmare

    I struggled, picking the title for this article, briefly considering “Much Ado About Nothing.” Then I decided to play off a quote from the story itself. But before I start, I want to offer a shout-out ...

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  • F**k Justice
    F**k Justice

    You’ll have to forgive my choice of title — or not, I don’t really care — the story that inspired this post makes me angrier than just about anything I’ve heard recently. If it makes you feel better, ...

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