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  • Telling Stories: A Confession
    Telling Stories: A Confession

    Creation Just yesterday morning, in the courthouse cafeteria, I’m sitting with two attorneys when the topic of the Trial Lawyers College comes up. I will return there in August for what will be my ...

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  • Marijuana Defense
    Marijuana Defense

    There are two primary areas of Marijuana Defense where I can help you, and I have a proven track record in both areas, as the following testimonials show. Just finished a medical marijuana case. We ...

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  • Always Available When You Need Me
    Always Available When You Need Me

    Criminal defense is unlike any other professional service people might need. While there are sometimes similarities to hiring other types of professionals, only with criminal defense is your freedom ...

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  • Using Marijuana to Legally Disarm Californians
    Using Marijuana to Legally Disarm Californians

    My first reaction when Gene Haagenson called me from ABC30 news to ask about a Nevada case preventing a woman with a medical marijuana card from owning—note that I’m stating it as the question was ...

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  • Prisoners of Childhood
    Prisoners of Childhood

    Boys will be boys. Kids will be kids. Children are not yet adults. And the adults running our country are insane. [R]esearch has suggested that—for better or worse, and despite laws already ...

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  • An Even Playing Field
    An Even Playing Field

    Over at Danger & Play – which is almost, but not quite, the BDSM site you might expect it to be – Mike Cernovich told us last month that: When Jian Ghomeshi, a world-famous social justice warrior and ...

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