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  • The Dream of Freedom
    The Dream of Freedom

    Today, many—if not most—of us celebrate the 13 original colonies’ Declaration of Independence, and some celebrate the dream of freedom. Many of us, though, only know that today is a day off from work, ...

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  • American Tribalism: Look Out! It's a Bear!
    American Tribalism: Look Out! It's a Bear!

    One of the stories that crossed my field of view today involved the seeming resurgence of racism in America. In a minute or three, it may become clear why I used the word “seeming” there. But whatever ...

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  • Is Freedom More Important Than Safety?
    Is Freedom More Important Than Safety?

    The question today is asked, “Is freedom more important than safety?” The answer shows how far the United States has fallen since its founding. I have often lamented the fact that—from what I have ...

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  • Forensic Testimony: There's Your Expert
    Forensic Testimony: There's Your Expert

    Early yesterday, I posted an image to Twitter. It was a screenshot from a book on Forensic Testimony. The book is, as best I can tell, a compilation of articles on the subject. The first one, at ...

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  • Guilty Offense? A Defense.
    Guilty Offense? A Defense.

    A prosecutor in Louisiana apparently wishes to ensure accused people are punished for trying to defend themselves against having been accused. Throughout history, and throughout the world, there have ...

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  • Managing Cloudy Days
    Managing Cloudy Days

    Many years ago now, I worked as a Director of Information Systems for a very large company, but I (thankfully) left before managing cloudy days—working with online, cloud-based, data storage—became a ...

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