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  • Misfire, or Bad Aim? The
    Misfire, or Bad Aim? The "Debate" Over Gun Control

    You’d have to be living under a rock, or perhaps in another country, to miss that the latest marketing campaign of the mainstream media in America is targeting gun ownership. So hard is the new ...

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  • When Evidence Matters
    When Evidence Matters

    One of my favorite blogs — indeed perhaps one of the only two I consider “must-read” blogs — is Gamso for the Defense , even though whenever I read it, it makes me feel a little like a loser driven by ...

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  • It Happens Every Day
    It Happens Every Day

    There has already been quite a lot of ink spilt on the Internet (Update 9/26/2016: link broken) regarding the recent sad loss of Aaron Swartz. (And, yes, Bunny Chafowitz, I put “spilt” in there just ...

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  • Shackling Children Nothing New for Americans
    Shackling Children Nothing New for Americans

    This will be a very short post. (I think. It depends on how mad I get while writing it.) For those who hate even short amounts of reading, just scroll until you see the pretty picture. You wouldn’t ...

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