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Blog Posts in October, 2012

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  • Political Lies & Propositions 34/36
    Political Lies & Propositions 34/36

    It’s pretty close to the day that we vote on a number of propositions for this year’s ballot. About a week ago, I wrote a post on Proposition 34, the initiative which will hopefully bring an end to ...

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  • People v. Jackson: The Judge Was High -- The Judges Still Are
    People v. Jackson: The Judge Was High -- The Judges Still Are

    I actually meant to blog about the San Diego case of People v. Jackson a couple weeks ago, when I obtained a copy of the Appellant’s Opening Brief in the case. Being busy working up some new medical ...

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  • The Marker
    The Marker

    If you’ve read this blog for awhile, you know I don’t usually write about my own cases. This is particularly true when the case involves a juvenile. I take it on faith that the reasons probably don’t ...

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  • Bargaining on Death: Proposition 34
    Bargaining on Death: Proposition 34

    Jeff Gamso, over at Gamso for the Defense, wrote an article last month about California’s Proposition 34. Prop 34 is an initiative to end the death penalty in California. It’s not really on the ballot ...

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  • Tokin' Appreciation: Medical Marijuana &
    Tokin' Appreciation: Medical Marijuana & "Profit"

    A cop walks into a bar…. Wait, that’s a joke, and what I want to write about today is no joke. This article is about a profound misunderstanding of the laws of the State of California, specifically ...

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  • The Gangs with Badges
    The Gangs with Badges

    In a recent post, Scott Greenfield notes that: While the analogy is often used, and used poorly, to compare the police to the mob, it seems unavoidable this time. I’m not sure what is meant by the ...

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