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Blog Posts in May, 2011

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  • Railing Against Rakofsky
    Railing Against Rakofsky

    I’ve never been a fan of the draft. I’m a big fan of friends, though. And apparently some of my friends are calling me out for not having blogged about the latest poster-child for…what? I don’t know ...

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  • A Diet of Rehabilitation
    A Diet of Rehabilitation

    Let’s have a conversation about how to obtain something that we all want: safety. (Well, okay, if you really want to have a conversation, you’ll have to leave a comment below.) First, though, I want ...

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  • The Union Hustle
    The Union Hustle

    Poor “union member representative.” She wanted me to pay her to refer union members to me. Me (after she says she’s looking for an attorney to represent union members): “I’m a criminal defense ...

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  • The Patch
    The Patch

    Anyone who has ridden motorcycles, or even observed many motorcyclists, knows that many of us love to festoon our riding vests — and, although less so, our jackets as well — with patches. For ...

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