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Blog Posts in July, 2011

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  • A Lawyer's Duty of Loyalty
    A Lawyer's Duty of Loyalty

    Scott Greenfield writes about a terrible wrong — by the attorney — in the New York case of Leiby Kletzky. Levi Aron’s lawyer, Gerard Marrone, announced that he is withdrawing from the Aron defense. ...

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  • I'm Telling!
    I'm Telling!

    I’m sure my experience as a child in a home with multiple siblings is not unique. When I was a kid, one or the other of us not infrequently threatened to “tell” on one or more of the other kids in the ...

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  • Hypocrisy in the Colosseum | RHDefense
    Hypocrisy in the Colosseum | RHDefense

    I haven’t written much about the criminal law case that’s been scintillating — and then enraging — others around the country, the Casey Anthony case. In the beginning, it was a combination of being ...

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  • F*ck Freedom of Speech
    F*ck Freedom of Speech

    This July 4, as we continue to celebrate the birth of our Nation long after the death of the document that created it — and as I sit down to write a few possibly patently offensive statements about ...

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  • Whither Freedom of the Press?
    Whither Freedom of the Press?

    Increasingly, it’s difficult for me to write this blog. I find myself wanting to be involved in something more than empty words. Blogging seems pointless when there is so much news out there already ...

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