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Blog Posts in January, 2011

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  • Pick Your Fight
    Pick Your Fight

    I’ll let you in on a little known secret: I used to be somewhat well-off. Seriously. Sometimes people will ask me how I became a criminal defense lawyer. I tell them the truth: I used to have a ...

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  • Freedom Doesn't Kill People
    Freedom Doesn't Kill People

    Freedom is a dangerous thing. Ask any fascistic despotic ruler. Free people tend to follow their own predilections; they tend to do what they want with their lives. Those who wish more control over ...

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  • You Say You Want A Revolution
    You Say You Want A Revolution

    This is the third post I’ve written since Friday morning. This post, I hope, I will put up; the other two may never see the light of day, although I am re-working one and will probably post it. ...

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  • If It Saves Just One
    If It Saves Just One

    The news since yesterday tells the story: Yet another DNA exoneration in Texas. That’s forty-one since 2001. Forty-one people who went to prison, even though they were innocent. Forty-one people who ...

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  • Great Job! You're Fired!
    Great Job! You're Fired!

    If there’s one thing the San Joaquin Valley of California hates more than anything, it’s a good defense attorney. In Kings County, it’s long been rumored that if you do your job — your actual job of ...

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  • Blind Squirrels & A Policeman's Gut
    Blind Squirrels & A Policeman's Gut

    Over at Military Underdog, a site I just heard about recently, Eric Mayer posts a couple of Penn & Teller videos (2015 update: blog vanished) about the Criminal Justice System. Apparently, Penn & ...

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