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Blog Posts in March, 2010

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  • Bagdasarian's Bad Mouth
    Bagdasarian's Bad Mouth

    Earlier this week — thanks to Trace Rabern, a lawyer I know from Twitter — I was interviewed by a reporter from the San Diego CityBeat for an article about “talking smack” online. (Tagline: Real. ...

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  • Exoneration by Association
    Exoneration by Association

    A Letter to the Editor of the Fresno Bee finally forces me to write a post I’ve been deliberately avoiding for at least two weeks now. It’s not that I don’t want to talk about the problem the letter ...

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  • And The Money Just Squirts Away
    And The Money Just Squirts Away

    Last week, I sat in a courtroom – so far as I can tell, the only courtroom – in Corcoran, California, waiting for my case to be called. Corcoran is apparently a small, scared, little hick town full of ...

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  • The Hypocritical Gene
    The Hypocritical Gene

    I like to write about things that I know about and try to avoid writing about things that I don’t know about, unless (as is sometimes the case) I’m using the writing to boost my knowledge. Writing is ...

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  • I'm In A Funk
    I'm In A Funk

    I’ve been in a kind of funk the last couple of days. Nothing serious. I don’t have to be imprisoned (at least not for the funk). But the same cannot be said for some of my clients when their own ...

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  • Complexity, Simplicity, and the Quest for Perfection
    Complexity, Simplicity, and the Quest for Perfection

    Okay. I don’t know how this is going to turn out, but some days ago, I promised that I would elucidate my comment about complexity, simplicity, and the quest for perfection. At the time, I alluded to ...

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