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Blog Posts in June, 2010

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  • A Proper Fear
    A Proper Fear

    The only American President ever elected to more than two terms — he would die at the start of his fourth term as President — Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously stated in the Inaugural Address to his ...

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  • Anger Management
    Anger Management

    I haven’t written for long enough that the last few days I’ve been jonesin’. The problem isn’t that I haven’t had anything to write about. Quite the contrary: I’ve had too much to write about. The ...

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  • Prisons, Rehabilitation & American Values
    Prisons, Rehabilitation & American Values

    Without ever having served any time in one, I cannot call myself an expert on prisons. But I suspect I know something more about them than the average person. I’ve visited more than a few throughout ...

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  • Overreaction as a Societal Ill
    Overreaction as a Societal Ill

    If I walk up to you and slap you in the face because your music is too loud and I can’t think, or because you’re acting carelessly and have damaged some of my property, or nearly knocked me down, ...

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