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Blog Posts in July, 2010

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  • The Thin Blue Pencil
    The Thin Blue Pencil

    I don’t usually read articles by Internet marketers — I’m with the group that believes Internet marketers are primarily people who didn’t make it in some other line of work, so they transmogrify into ...

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  • A Broken Fence
    A Broken Fence

    I haven’t posted much lately, I know. To be frank, I’ve considered just taking down my blogs. I’ve struggled with the decision as to what to do — and tried to understand why I feel the way that I ...

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  • The Driving Force of Indescribable Sadness
    The Driving Force of Indescribable Sadness

    I’m a pretty smart guy. Usually. Or, at least, I’m not a stupid guy. I know a few things. Exactly how many is something that is no doubt open for debate. But one of the first things I learned on my ...

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  • How Cops Think
    How Cops Think

    Scott Greenfield, the New York criminal defense attorney with the Simple Justice blog, provides today two interesting examples of how cops think. Or don’t, as the case may be. Fresno County Sheriff ...

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  • Innocents Lost
    Innocents Lost

    Being a criminal defense attorney is not the easiest job I could have chosen. In many ways, it’s the hardest. I am, unfortunately, an idealist of the worst sort. I believe in The Law. I do not believe ...

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  • A Drowning Man
    A Drowning Man

    When I was young and a Boy Scout, I worked hard to earn, among others, my Lifesaving merit badge. There may be lots of situations in which a life needs to be saved, but the Boy Scout Lifesaving merit ...

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