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Blog Posts in October, 2009

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  • Time to Fight Back?
    Time to Fight Back?

    Today’s newspaper brings the inane story of attorney Rick Berman being threatened with criminal charges for attempting to get into a courthouse without removing his watch. According to the story, ...

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  • Them Dumb Bones
    Them Dumb Bones

    In Judaism, there is a tradition known as “building a fence around the law.”As the page linked in that last sentence indicates, it derives from a verse in the Tanakh — the Hebrew scriptures known to ...

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  • Seeing What We Want to See
    Seeing What We Want to See

    Concerning the difficulty of researching and writing historical ethnographies, the anthropologist Gananath Obeyesekere, states: [I]t ought to make us self-conscious about our vulnerability. And the ...

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