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Blog Posts in November, 2008

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  • Not Enough Crime, Police Resort to Decoys
    Not Enough Crime, Police Resort to Decoys

    A story in yesterday’s Fresno Bee reveals the Fresno Police Department apparently has been becalmed by a serious decrease in crime, so they’re forced to boost numbers with a little entrapment. In what ...

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  • Immigration, Deportation & Criminal Defense
    Immigration, Deportation & Criminal Defense

    Many defense attorneys fail to consider the potential consequences a criminal case will have on their clients. And even where a person has committed a crime, had a momentary lapse, or made a stupid ...

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  • Under New Management
    Under New Management was purchased by the Fresno criminal defense lawyer Rick Horowitz on November 27, 2008. The site is currently being designed and should hopefully be built within the next ...

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  • Judge & Prosecutioner at a DMV DUI Hearing
    Judge & Prosecutioner at a DMV DUI Hearing

    In a regular courtroom when the defense makes an objection, there is the potential for “argument” on the issue. The defense may explain the basis for his objection. The prosecutor will argue for why ...

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  • Motion for Contact Visits
    Motion for Contact Visits

    JDSupra, as I mentioned in a previous post, allows me to “showcase” some of my work. So I’ve been going back through some of my old briefs I’ve written, deleting identifying information so as not to ...

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  • JDSupra: Give Content. Get Noticed.
    JDSupra: Give Content. Get Noticed.

    JDSupra purports to allow attorneys such as myself to “Give Content. Get Noticed.” After much hemming and hawing, I finally took the plunge. I apologize for not having posted more articles here on the ...

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