You Say You Want A Revolution (Redux) (Update)

Washington Crossing the Delaware

Scott Greenfield has a post up that has had me thinking all day, even when I’m ostensibly working on something else. And I knew I wanted to try to blog today — I’ve been upset at myself for letting my blog go untended for too long — so here we are.

It’s not that I didn’t try to look elsewhere. I checked Defending People, but there was nothing new there — besides, I’ve learned Mark is frequently so far over my head that there’s probably nothing intelligent I could ever do by trying to riff off one of his posts.

Gideon was no help, either. Besides, I think Gid’s mad at me. As far as I can tell, he hasn’t come back to California since running into me at a seminar the last time he did come out here.

And Gamso. He was busy reading. Or writing about reading The True American: Murder and Mercy in Texas, to be more exact.

So then I distract myself by listening to music and….

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it’s evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world

But when you talk about destruction
Don’t you know that you can count me out

So here we are.  [Read more…]

Justice Potter Stewart and the Chamber of Secrets

Justice Potter Stewart and the Chamber of Secrets

Justice Potter Stewart once famously wrote, in a case involving obscenity,

I know it when I see it.

The motivation for the comment is found a couple of sentences earlier in that same opinion, where Stewart talks about the difficulty of “defin[ing] that which is indefinable.”

Scott Greenfield, in a recent post about Voldemort, takes on a similar task: while not naming he-who-inspired-the-article-that-inspired-the-post, Scott tries to name that-which-is-the-root-of-injustice.

It’s a wonderful post, with reference to another wonderful post.

Stewart got it right. Clark — the author of the other wonderful post — basically got it right (but doesn’t clearly get why). Scott? I don’t really know. I know that I see things a little differently, and I’m writing this post because I’m trying to figure out why.   [Read more…]

When Cops Act Badly

Officer Down

Anyone who reads even a few of my articles — and perhaps is privy to things I’ve said about cops elsewhere — will almost certainly know that I’m not a cop-worshiper. Harder to discern is the fact that I’m not really a cop-hater, either.

There are a number of reasons why its harder to determine that I’m not a cop-hater, not the least of which is that if I’m talking about cops, it’s almost always because of something bad that they’ve done. And when I talk about cops acting badly, I’m pretty harsh in my assessment of how they should be handled.

I’ve said before — and meant it — that if a crowd of people is gathered around a cop beating the crap out of a citizen, there is something wrong with that crowd if they don’t step in to stop it. If it means overpowering the cop, and if the cop gets hurt in the process, then that — in my opinion — is something the cop brought on himself by making himself the judge, jury, and potential executioner of the citizen he was beating.

Thus, at first glance, anyway, it might appear that I’m a cop-hater, and that I would not be in agreement with what Scott Greenfield recently wrote. One might reasonably wonder whether I agreed with another person I admire in a related post. Your first glance at my comments regarding cops acting badly would certainly make you think I could never agree with the ex-cop-turned-law-student who wrote this on Scott’s blog post.

Your first glance would not be quite right, however.  [Read more…]

You Say You Want A Revolution

This is the third post I’ve written since Friday morning. This post, I hope, I will put up; the other two may never see the light of day, although I am re-working one and will probably post it.

Intervening between Friday morning’s “inspiration” and the time of this writing is the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords.

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