Open Your Eyes and Act

Liberty, Blindfolded

Paul Virilio offers up this observation taken from an unknown science-fiction story:

There are eyes everywhere. No blind spot left. What shall we dream of when everything becomes visible? We’ll dream of being blind.

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Clio and the Clouds


I’m writing this as I wait for the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice Legal Technology Seminar in South San Francisco to start. (So, if you’re here, wave to me.)

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a love-hate — but mostly love — relationship with technology. As I sit here, I’m working on my MacBook Air, having set aside my iPad 2. I don’t need to connect using the AT&T Mi-Fi hub I always carry with me, because the technology seminar facilities are providing my Internet connection today. My wi-fi/3G Apple-endowed cellphone is on vibrate, so as not to disturb.

I won’t rehash my tech background: I’ve done that before.

But there’s one area of tech I find overwhelmingly disturbing.

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Facebooking Jurors Before Letting Them In YourSpace

Maybe that title is a little too cute.  (I picked it after Kerry Prindiville, a librarian at the Fresno Public Law Library, sent me the link to an article on the use of social networking sites by jury consultants.)  And maybe it’s time for me to move on from writing about MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites.  It’s something of a hot topic, however, and I have some pretty strong feelings about it.

My other articles about this may be found here and here. Those articles have started to attract some attention of their own….

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No Expectation of Privacy on the Internet?

A concept near and dear to my heart for years now has re-surfaced in the news. For many years, I made my living working with computers. Prior to being an attorney, I worked with the first two Internet Service Provider companies in the Fresno area. This was immediately after the first Internet web browser (Mosaic) was developed and the Internet “went commercial.”

Being of a philosophical bent and also with a strong interest in Anthropology, I couldn’t help but ponder some the impact the Internet was having on our world. And, of course, privacy issues were quickly becoming paramount.

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