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  • Quick Look: Living Lives of Fear
    Quick Look: Living Lives of Fear

    I had a hard time coming up with a title for this post: living lives of fear seems the best fit, but I also considered “put a bullet in it.” Because this post is about yet another incident in which ...

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  • Their Wildest Dreams
    Their Wildest Dreams

    A gentleman in Elk River, Minnesota, worries about the money spent on cops, and their wildest dreams. While the money issue concerns me, this post is about cops’ wildest dreams. I focus on this ...

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  • Trigger-Happy Warnings
    Trigger-Happy Warnings

    An article on Heatstreet —HeatStreet? Heat Street? I’d really like to get this right. I don’t want anyone upset. It’s upsetting me that I might be unable to un-upset others—anyway, this article posted ...

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  • The Unaccountables
    The Unaccountables

    Last year, on a 2,000-mile roadtrip, I listened to a semi-fictionalized, semi-autobiographical book about the life of Eliot Ness, called “The Untouchables.” Ness was a law enforcement officer tasked ...

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  • When I Want Your Opinion, I'll Beat It Out of You
    When I Want Your Opinion, I'll Beat It Out of You

    There’s a story that came to my attention first thing this morning, when I began my day, as I always do, by reading articles that show up in my various social media feeds. I’ve spent the better part ...

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  • Why Probable Cause Often Isn't
    Why Probable Cause Often Isn't

    To explain why probable cause often isn’t, I could just say “Cops Lie,” and be done with it, but then you wouldn’t read it, would you? Oh, fuck. I just lost most of you. Come back! I’ll give you ...

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