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  • Risk-free Murder & White Apathy
    Risk-free Murder & White Apathy

    By now, it’s no news that a “grand jury” refused to indict the killers of Tamir Rice. This happened because the killers were murderous cops, and for no other reason. If anyone else other than a ...

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  • The Great White Hopes
    The Great White Hopes

    As the New York Times notes, When the nation’s long-running war against drugs was defined by the crack epidemic and based in poor, predominantly black urban areas, the public response was defined by ...

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  • Missing the Point with Gun Control
    Missing the Point with Gun Control

    “[K]illing sprees are specifically targeted to generate the most fear and uncertainty from the public, because the more fear and uncertainty they generate, the more attention they get. They then use ...

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  • An Amorphous Mass of Ill Legality
    An Amorphous Mass of Ill Legality

    It might seem, since so many of my posts start by referring to Scott Greenfield’s blog posts, that I’m an acolyte, or that his stuff is all I ever read. Not true. But he’s posting up to two or three ...

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  • A Culture of Control
    A Culture of Control

    Some months ago, as part of my morning reading ritual, I ran across “The Ghost Rapes of Bolivia.” The Bolivian story begins with a perhaps requisite, under the circumstances, nod to evil: For a while, ...

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  • And Then They Came For Me
    And Then They Came For Me

    Though my post title of “And Then They Came For Me” clearly invokes the memory of pastor Martin Niemöller’s famous quotation, I’m not going to repeat it here. Sadly, to do so is to descend into the ...

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