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  • Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Die
    Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Die

    Federal District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney held, in an Order filed July 16, 2014, that California’s death penalty system was unconstitutional. This holding resulted in the death penalty sentence of ...

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  • You Say You Want A Revolution (Redux) (Update)
    You Say You Want A Revolution (Redux) (Update)

    Scott Greenfield has a post up that has had me thinking all day, even when I’m ostensibly working on something else. And I knew I wanted to try to blog today — I’ve been upset at myself for letting my ...

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  • Likelihood Ratios in Attorney Marketing
    Likelihood Ratios in Attorney Marketing

    Since this post deals with likelihood ratios in attorney marketing, it is a bit outside my normal range of writing. I usually leave this sort of thing to others, like Scott Greenfield, who frequently ...

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  • The Molestation of Justice
    The Molestation of Justice

    I originally titled this post, “Will the Real Sex Offenders Please Fuck Off.” But I was afraid some of you might think less of me, upon realizing that—even though it’s completely appropriate under the ...

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  • For Whose Hobby Do We Lobby?
    For Whose Hobby Do We Lobby?

    Federal Judge Kopf, writing about the Hobby Lobby decision — and is there anyone in the United States, and possibly several other countries, who doesn’t now know about Hobby Lobby ? — said, among ...

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