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Blog Posts in January, 2014

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  • Keeping Up with the Bloggerses
    Keeping Up with the Bloggerses

    Warning: This post is not much worth reading. I really just felt the need to write something. Letters, punctuation, and a few typographical devices (like strikethroughs) were backing up into my ...

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  • Little Jack Horner
    Little Jack Horner

    One of the sad truths of being a criminal defense attorney is that we are dealing with people during times of high stress. I don’t get very many people walking through my door who say, Hi. I’ve been ...

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  • We Make Our Living
    We Make Our Living

    This is a post that almost did not get written. Sometime within the last week, I received a letter from the father of a former client. I’ll show it to you in a minute, with his permission and ...

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