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Blog Posts in May, 2013

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  • Believing in Freedom
    Believing in Freedom

    Instead of “Believing in Freedom,” I was going to call this post, “They’re Still Free to Post Cat Pictures on Facebook,” but I realized as I was thinking about writing it, that I was bothered by more ...

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  • Shackling the Law
    Shackling the Law

    I’ve said it before, but for potential newcomers, I’ll say it again: You don’t have to read this blog very long to know that I hate shackles. I hate shackles on adults, but I particularly hate ...

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  • A Gang By Any Other Name
    A Gang By Any Other Name

    In days of yore, Shakespeare asked, “What diff does it make what you call them?” Well, actually what he said was: ’Tis but thy name that is my enemy; Thou art thyself though, not a Montague. What’s ...

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  • Misplaced Faith
    Misplaced Faith

    We open today’s blog post with a quote from George R. R. Martin, affectionately known, I am told by friends who know him, as “GRRM”: “You esteem this Penrose more than you do my lords bannermen. Why?” ...

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