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  • George Zimmerman & Reasonable Doubt
    George Zimmerman & Reasonable Doubt

    This post was originally written as part two of a two-part post. I split the post into two primarily because I figured if it took me two days to write it — and it was twice as long as even my longer ...

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  • Racism, Updated for a Post-Racial World
    Racism, Updated for a Post-Racial World

    It is a fact that, counting percentages of populations, more African-Americans and other “people of color” are arrested for “criminal activity” than “white” people; “white” people are less likely to ...

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  • What Scares Criminal Defense Attorneys
    What Scares Criminal Defense Attorneys

    The title of this post is perhaps a bit inaccurate. After all, I’m just one criminal defense attorney. So what I’m writing about today is about something that actually I can only know for certain ...

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  • When Cops Act Badly
    When Cops Act Badly

    Anyone who reads even a few of my articles — and perhaps is privy to things I’ve said about cops elsewhere — will almost certainly know that I’m not a cop-worshiper. Harder to discern is the fact that ...

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