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A Shot in the Dark

The past week, two shootings — one of which has everyone talking and the other, for reasons that escape me, appears almost nowhere in mainstream media — have caused me to come back to the keyboard. The first shooting you know all about: the senseless killing of 12 people and wounding of 58 others at a midnight screening of Dark Knight Rises, the latest Batman movie, by a crazy man who apparently believes he is the Joker. The second shooting doesn’t have as many people upset.

Maybe that’s because it’s normal for the police to shoot into crowds of women and children in America.

No, that can’t be it…yet. While it has long been the norm for American police officers to shoot citizens with impunity, they usually only shoot one at a time and excuse it on the basis of — in addition to their massive fear at performing the job of being murderers police officers — the individual suspect being a gang member, or someone they thought was armed, or someone who was just a little too contemptuous of them.

This time, they shot into a crowd comprised primarily of women and children. (Edit 3/21/2017: The YouTube video has vanished, so it was removed from this post.)

So maybe the reason so few people are talking about the Anaheim shooting is because we don’t mind discussing a crazed individual who is, thankfully, in custody, but we can’t handle the idea of police officers shooting into crowds of women and children — and seeing a police dog rip into a baby stroller.

Perhaps the fear is that, as with the Rodney King beating in 1991, widespread rioting would break out. Frankly, I don’t know why it hasn’t already. If I lived in that neighborhood, I suspect the police would be required to shoot me, as I would be unable to restrain myself from going after them.

Whatever the reason for the silence regarding this unconscionable act of cowardice by “Anaheim’s Finest,” it does nothing but help to ensure that things will only get worse. As police are increasingly allowed to get away with pretty much anything — including, now, shooting at women and babies — those who suffer these incidents can’t help but start to fight back, leading to more such incidents.

Police officers may be a necessary evil.

Increasingly, they are just evil.