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Blog Posts in January, 2012

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  • The Judicial Reality Show
    The Judicial Reality Show

    A friend — a civil law attorney — contacted me the other day to tell me that she was referring someone over. A more-than-worthy cause, if it checked out, she said. If and when she reads this post, I ...

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  • SOPA (Temporarily?) Washes Out Blogs
    SOPA (Temporarily?) Washes Out Blogs

    This is a criminal defense law blog. For a criminal defense law office. As a criminal defense lawyer, I usually write about things that are of interest to those looking for criminal defense attorneys, ...

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  • Out of Sight
    Out of Sight

    The last couple of days, I’ve been pondering something Jeff Gamso wrote, at least partly as a response to a comment I made on his blog. As with a lot of Jeff’s stuff, it’s taking me longer to consider ...

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  • The Importance of History for Freedom
    The Importance of History for Freedom

    Like so many of my posts — I think this is why I sometimes have difficulty settling on what to write — this one is the culmination of an inchoate irritation that’s been growing in me for a long time. ...

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  • The Pain of Knowing
    The Pain of Knowing

    Last night, after a conversation with another attorney about politics, the direction the country is taking, and how the attitudes developing drive law enforcement and the distortions we see in the ...

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  • Public Pretenders
    Public Pretenders

    At the risk of talking myself out of a job or two, let’s clear something up immediately: Even though it doesn’t apply to me (because as long as I’ve practiced law, I’ve always been a private ...

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