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Blog Posts in February, 2012

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  • When the State Batters Women
    When the State Batters Women

    More than once recently, I’ve had reason to be involved in discussions regarding “victims” who do not wish to testify against their alleged abusers in domestic violence cases. Most of these “victims” ...

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  • A New Kind of System
    A New Kind of System

    Scott Greenfield may not be blogging anymore, but he’s still a good resource for keeping up with things.[1] “If you or I did that to somebody on the outside, you’d be sitting in jail talking to (an ...

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  • Spin Sells: The Fresno Bee's Yellow Journalism
    Spin Sells: The Fresno Bee's Yellow Journalism

    The front page of today’s Fresno Bee — I almost always still read the print edition — is mostly occupied with the sensational headline: “FRESNO COUNTY JAIL VIOLENCE ON THE UPSWING: Clashes blamed on ...

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  • The Way SWAT Does Business
    The Way SWAT Does Business

    An article on Wikipedia — usually, if not always, a fair source of reliable information — notes: The establishment of a standing army in Britain in 1685 by King James II and the later assumption of ...

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  • Money-Grubbing Lawyers
    Money-Grubbing Lawyers

    First thing this morning, my blog received a visit from some unnamed individual who bravely took me to task for “not caring” about doing my job. The basis of the pseudonymous complaint was the thought ...

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  • Call Somebody Who Cares
    Call Somebody Who Cares

    When I was in high school, a common taunt when anyone complained about something was, “Here’s a dime: call somebody who cares.” Thing is, in the 1970s, if you wanted to actually follow that advice, it ...

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