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Parents Assist Public Molestations

Just because I’m a criminal defense attorney who has fought like hell to defend child molesters as part of my job, that does not mean I approve of the practice. If the charges are proven — and, yes, I fight like the dickens to make it hard for that to happen to my clients — the convicted child molester needs to be imprisoned.

I feel just as strongly that those who aid and abet in child molestation — the enablers — should go to prison, as well.

A couple of days ago, the blogosphere was abuzz with the news: a six-year-old girl was sexually-molested. In full view of the public. Nobody stopped it, although according to one report, her mother says she tried.

Despite what happened, the only person who even remotely risked being arrested — and her only briefly — was the mother who “tried” to stop the molestation.

Meanwhile, the six-year-old girl stood there, crying and apologizing to her mother, stating she did not know what she had done wrong. For as long as it’s allowed — this is, after all, essentially kiddie porn — you can view the video for yourself at YouTube.

This isn’t the first time it has happened, either. Back in 2010, it wasn’t a six-year-old being publicly molested, it was a 3-year-old. Earlier that same year, there was a minor amount of upset with some people when the same pedophilic organization took nude photos of a 12-year-old at a Tampa airport.

Nor are the pedos only after young girls. While everyone is talking about the 6-year-old girl, that same day a story was posted about an 8-year-old boy flying from Oregon to Disneyland subjected to the same treatment: a genital rubdown by a government agent.

And when neither the nudie-scan, nor feeling them up, is enough to help the TSA get their rocks off, just keep pressing until the kids strip.

In fairness, the agents didn’t actually want the boy to strip: they onlywanted to feel him up.

You have to love the accidental verisimilitude in that last video: to disguise the TSA agent’s voice, he is made to sound like something out of The Exorcist.

But if you want to know what I think, it’s not the government or even the specific TSA agents who are the bad guys here. It’s every parent who stood by as their own children were being molested right before their eyes. You are cowards. Were you hoping that maybe it was this guy “checking” your child? Or maybe you were holding out for this one because he promised long-term “employment” for your child?

In all fairness, not all TSA agents are child molesters. Some are just drug smugglers, willing to frame innocent flyers. Others are only thieves. (Update 9/26/2016: link broken) Some just fart around with your valuables enough to damage them.

I really do not understand how you who are stupid enough to keep flying continue to tolerate this. Or maybe I shouldn’t be surprised: after all, you’re stupid enough to keep flying. Maybe your children, then, deserve what you let them get.

Actually, they deserve better parents.

You parents who stand by while your crying, screaming, scared and confused child is being publicly molested should be imprisoned for aiding and abetting in this torture.

Farting around with valuables is one thing, but if those were my children, there would be at least one or two fewer TSA agents in the world.