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Blog Posts in April, 2011

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  • Possible Cause
    Possible Cause

    A story this morning at is titled “Unprotected Wi-fi getting owners in trouble”. What the story doesn’t do is explain the real reason the Wi-Fi owners are “unprotected.” The United States ...

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  • Parents Assist Public Molestations
    Parents Assist Public Molestations

    Just because I’m a criminal defense attorney who has fought like hell to defend child molesters as part of my job, that does not mean I approve of the practice. If the charges are proven — and, yes, I ...

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  • Crime, Literacy, & Rehabilitation
    Crime, Literacy, & Rehabilitation

    By now, only those living under rocks are unaware that governments — local, state, and federal — are running out of money. Anyone who has studied history could have predicted this would happen, but ...

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  • Yesterday's Shocking News
    Yesterday's Shocking News

    Well, given some of the reactions to yesterday’s post, I figure I better get this post out early. Because while yesterday was perhaps more fun than most criminal defense attorneys anywhere — but ...

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  • A Special Day
    A Special Day

    Those who are at least semi-regular readers of this blog will not be surprised by this post. You’ve known this day was coming for some time. Finally, the day has arrived. I’m giving up. Throwing in ...

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