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Blog Posts in September, 2010

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  • Marijuana & The Rule of Law
    Marijuana & The Rule of Law

    During the last few weeks, there were a few shootings — though this Fresno Bee story mentions four — when people allegedly tried to steal marijuana that did not belong to them, growing on property ...

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  • "We Shouldn't Have to Investigate"

    A growing number of police departments are suffering a real shortage of funds to sustain partial police states — that is, police states where some semblance of investigation is still required to press ...

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  • The Unknown Innocents
    The Unknown Innocents

    In 1921, the United States, following the newly-established traditions of the United Kingdom and France, interred the remains of an unknown American soldier from World War I. After World War II, the ...

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  • The Bell Curve of Crime & Punishment
    The Bell Curve of Crime & Punishment

    I meet some bad people in my line of work. I also meet some really nice people. And I meet a whole lot of people somewhere in between those two extremes. The law, unfortunately, ignores the bell curve ...

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