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Blog Posts in May, 2010

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  • Judge Not
    Judge Not

    When the United States of America was founded, one of the keystones of our nation was the establishment of an independent judiciary. The colonists — the white folk who lived in the United States ...

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  • Everyone's A Lawyer
    Everyone's A Lawyer

    I suppose by now I should realize that one reason everyone hates lawyers is that they think them largely unnecessary. These days, everyone’s a lawyer. Like doctors and pilots. I mean, anyone can ...

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  • The Scarlet Letter & Other Tales Of Woe
    The Scarlet Letter & Other Tales Of Woe

    A couple of days ago over at Probable Cause: The Legal Blog with the Really Low Standard of Review, I alluded to the fact that ideas for blogging come to me faster than I am able to keep up. Although ...

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  • If Your Only Tool Is A Hammer
    If Your Only Tool Is A Hammer

    There’s an old saying: It is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail. The quote is attributed to Abraham Maslow and I have neither a reason to doubt ...

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  • The War on Rights
    The War on Rights

    Well, I’m sure you noticed that this place you’ve arrived at is known as “Fresno Criminal Defense.” So I’m also sure you’re not expecting me to write about the War in Iraq, or Afghanistan, nor will I ...

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  • I'm Not Guilty; I Haven't Done Anything
    I'm Not Guilty; I Haven't Done Anything

    This afternoon, just about the time I was thinking, “Whew! I survived another day!” came the phone call with someone who believed himself not guilty of any wrongdoing. Well, actually, in this case, I ...

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