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Blog Posts in December, 2010

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  • The Year Ends With A Bang
    The Year Ends With A Bang

    As I sit here — as I have sat here nearly half a day now — trying to decide what to write for what I last year called “The Obligatory End-of-Year Post,” I find myself overwhelmed. First of all, has it ...

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  • The Urologist & The Hair
    The Urologist & The Hair

    There’s an old story about The Tortoise & The Hare. This isn’t it. This is a story about different kinds of attorneys and why I’m not that. Well, maybe I can say that a little more clearly: this post ...

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  • Tikkun Olam
    Tikkun Olam

    I am not a religious person. I am not, however, opposed to the lessons of religion. Unlike the majority of Americans, I frequently read the Bible. (JPS version, if you must know, although I’ve read a ...

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  • Writing & Cognitive Dissonance
    Writing & Cognitive Dissonance

    I haven’t done as much writing lately as I should, or as I would like, or as others might like. My readership is, justifiably, dropping because of it. It’s not that I’ve nothing to say. It’s the ...

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  • A Judge's Duty to Public Safety
    A Judge's Duty to Public Safety

    The other day, I was in court when a judge I actually like did something that I definitely don’t. It’s not just a matter of my not liking it, however. It’s part and parcel of why the United States of ...

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  • Avoiding An Unfortunate Death
    Avoiding An Unfortunate Death

    Frankly, the title of this post is a little bit of milquetoast, considering the heart of the topic I want to mention. I picked the title as a kind of play on words, but, again, the heart of this post ...

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