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Blog Posts in September, 2009

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  • Ignorance of the Sausage
    Ignorance of the Sausage

    As the First District Court of the State of California has noted in a case certified for partial publication — the irony of this will soon become apparent — It is commonly said that ignorance of the ...

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  • Majority Rules (Not), Or How I Tried To Be A Prosecutor & Failed
    Majority Rules (Not), Or How I Tried To Be A Prosecutor & Failed

    The other day, I was sitting in a courtroom waiting for a case to be called. I was stuck. Having received a call from another attorney, a very good friend who could not make it to the courtroom, I ...

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  • Irony, Irony Everywhere
    Irony, Irony Everywhere

    I seem to be seeing irony everywhere I look lately. I don’t know if it’s the world, or if it’s me. At any rate, this morning I awoke just before 5, finding that an article I’d been thinking of writing ...

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  • Legal Fictions & Gangs
    Legal Fictions & Gangs

    A post by Gideon gave the final push for this post. I’ve been thinking for a long time about “legal fictions,” particularly as they relate to gang cases. Frankly, they irk me more than a bit. You see, ...

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