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Blog Posts in November, 2009

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  • What's A Lawyer (To) Do?
    What's A Lawyer (To) Do?

    As usual lately, reading this post on Scott Greenfield’s blog provokes me to a post of my own. Sure, I could just leave a really long comment over on his blog, but lately I hardly get enough time to ...

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  • Time for Judgment
    Time for Judgment

    Quite often on this blog and my more popular blog (Probable Cause: The Legal Blog with the Really Low Standard of Review), I write things about judges that are perhaps less than flattering. After all, ...

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  • The Fundamental Principles of American Justice
    The Fundamental Principles of American Justice

    Scott Greenfield’s blog, Simple Justice, is probably the only legal blog where I try never to miss a post. If I fall behind, it bugs me, and when I get the chance, I’ll catch up by spending an hour or ...

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  • Second-Guessing Your Attorney
    Second-Guessing Your Attorney

    Someone — the name does not matter — used my contact form, providing his opinion of his case, including what he believed to be important facts, and indicated he was looking for someone to give him a ...

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  • "Our Policy Hasn't Changed, Mr. Horowitz"

    Unfortunately, before I can tell you why I wrote this post, I have to tell you about something I was planning never to blog about. I had hoped I would not have to write this post. Friday’s court ...

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  • If It Please the Court
    If It Please the Court

    This post isn’t about child custody cases. It’s not about family law at all. Oh, and it’s not about religion, either. When I was young — and I swear to you that once, I was — I saw a comedy routine by ...

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