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Blog Posts in July, 2009

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  • The Gates of Hell
    The Gates of Hell

    Today’s San Francisco Chronicle, in a story titled “Gates 911 tape raises more issues in case,” is important because it mentions — and I’d like to highlight — something that happens every day. And no, ...

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  • Clowning Around With Justice
    Clowning Around With Justice

    Originally, the working title for this post was “Institutionalizing Bigotry, Prejudice & Tolerance.” For years, I’ve thought about the connection between bigotry, prejudice, tolerance and about how ...

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  • You Just Got Pwned!
    You Just Got Pwned!

    Most of my writing lately has had to be devoted to motions. As California courts increasingly ignore the law, it seems more important — I’m not sure why, perhaps at least for future generations, sort ...

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