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Blog Posts in September, 2008

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  • Innocent Although
    Innocent Although "Proven" Guilty

    Governor Schwarzenegger today vetoed, among other anti-crime bills, a bill which would have required corroborating evidence for the testimony of jailhouse snitches. Has the Governor gone soft on ...

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  • All Points Bulletin: Sophia at Large!
    All Points Bulletin: Sophia at Large!

    Sometimes, when things don’t go your way, you have to take things into your own paws. Well, that’s one less court hearing I have to worry about, I guess. At least until ...

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  • Shocking? Only to the Constitution...and to the Humane
    Shocking? Only to the Constitution...and to the Humane

    I have not infrequently written about the fact that our nation is moving toward a state of institutionalized lawlessness. I haven’t exactly used that term before, but that now seems the best name for ...

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  • The Science of Killing People
    The Science of Killing People

    Like about a bazillion other people, I’ve often wondered why we kill people to show that killing people is wrong. Not surprisingly, the political beliefs of those in power have a lot to do with it. ...

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  • Simpson Screwed
    Simpson Screwed

    O.J. Simpson might be guilty of having committed a crime. The prosecution in his case, however, has ensured that we’ll never really know. Backed by the judge, the prosecutor in the case excluded all ...

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  • Defend Your Rights!
    Defend Your Rights!

    Not much time lately for serious posts, but I promise more soon. Meanwhile, photographer Bob Marcotte, a friend of mine who owns Marcotte Photography, shot some images of me yesterday. Click on the ...

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