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Unveiling Final Probable Cause Design

Well, hopefully this will be the last, “Administrivia” posting for awhile. Tomorrow or the next day, I hope to start a little bit more interesting posting. But, hey, I do want to preserve the record.

Today, I reminded myself how to do a little bit of CSS and HTML coding. I also re-learned the nice, but sometimes frustrating, Adobe ImageReady CS2, because I had to completely rebuild the navigation menu.

Let it be known that this day — this wonderful day that went wrong in so many other ways — I at least finally integrated the Probable Cause blog into the rest of my website!

By the way, those of you using Internet Explorer 6: You might want to upgrade. Once I rest up a bit and get some real work done, I’ll consider fixing the navigation bar so it doesn’t run up into the graphic on your antique microsofty browser. Better yet? Get Firefox!

Oh, “p.s.,” I did all the above thanks to the help of Joni Mueller of Pixelita Designs.