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Blog Posts in April, 2008

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  • White Men Can't Jump Think
    White Men Can't Jump Think

    Listen to this CNN report and you’ll understand the reason for the title of my post. The only real problem is that while the mentality expressed in the report is typical of what bigoted white people ...

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  • Encouraging Police States
    Encouraging Police States

    A CNN legal analyst today comments on a Secret Service agent who told a citizen to delete pictures taken of a sports stadium because there happened to be a security checkpoint out front. She correctly ...

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  • The Reason for Probable Cause
    The Reason for Probable Cause

    I may edit this post later as I get the blog more fully developed. For years, I’ve blogged on political and other issues at Unspun™. For months — almost a year — I’ve pondered whether or not to ...

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  • Disclaimer

    Probable Cause contains thoughts on the law from attorney Rick Horowitz. Rick is a member of the California State Bar and only practices in California. Any comments in this blog are intended as ...

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