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  • They Shoot Puppies, Don't They?
    They Shoot Puppies, Don't They?

    New York criminal defense attorney Scott Greenfield’s blog, Simple Justice, today discussed a troubling statistic and pondered its even more troubling implications. It seems that a discovery request ...

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  • Submitizens II
    Submitizens II

    Nicole Black’s recent article in The Daily Record may help snap me out of the funk I’ve been in since the day I wrote Submitizens. The funk started not so much because of the rules implemented by the ...

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  • Rights Take Backseat on DUI Stops
    Rights Take Backseat on DUI Stops

    Marie* got off work from her job as an architect at 5 o’clock Friday. She was excited not just because it was the start of a weekend, but because an old friend called with some good news. The friend ...

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  • Institutionalized Group-Think & Justice
    Institutionalized Group-Think & Justice

    For eight years, off and on, I had a relationship with — lived with — someone. It was a toxic relationship. She not infrequently berated me for what were really insignificant and only actually ...

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  • Submitizens

    Approaching the courthouse doors, I was puzzled to see a small line at the attorneys’ door. “That’s odd,” I thought. “There’s never a line here.” And the line wasn’t moving very fast; in fact, as I ...

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  • A Day in the Life of a Police Officer
    A Day in the Life of a Police Officer

    If it weren’t becoming a daily event, stories like this one would be difficult to believe. What I can’t understand is why the general public still wants to take the word of police witnesses over that ...

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