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Shredded Constitution

Supreme Court: It’s Only A Small Violation of the Constitution

Being a criminal defense attorney is never an easy job. It doesn't matter whether you're dealing with the everyday instances of prosecutors who hide exculpatory evidence, and even perjure themselves over it while ignorant judges declare … [Read More...]


A Personal Choice

Sorry I don't have a spiffy title for today's post. I wasn't – probably still am not – really prepared to write it. But I want to at least try to clarify some things about yesterday's post. When I first read Scott Greenfield's post this … [Read More...]

Dome of the Rock

Being Charlie Hebdo

Censorship issues have not been high on my list of things to become upset about. It's not that I don't care about them. I care very much. After all, I have experienced first-hand what can happen when someone doesn't like what I've written. But much … [Read More...]