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Officer with gun & insurance certificate

Insuring That All Lives Matter

Yes, that's insuring, and not, ensuring, although I believe one can lead to the other. And I didn't use any hashtag in the title here because, although I know about the #BlackLivesMatter vs. #AllLivesMatter controversy, I'm not weighing … [Read More...]

Dictionary: Definition

It’s All In How You Define Things

Two articles in the May 21, 2015 Daily Journal out of San Francisco – yeah, I'm behind; I'm also reading out of order – make me wonder at the novel approaches of government when it comes to dealing with corruption, abuse, and the lack of … [Read More...]

Officer shushing

Court Considers New Rules for “Hide the Ball”

I don't often read the actual news section of the San Francisco Daily Journal, although I try at least every couple-or-three days to look over the Daily Appellate Report insert that comes with it. Today I was in a bad mood, so I decided to look at … [Read More...]