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Shredded Constitution

It Can Happen To You

Just about a year-and-a-half ago, I wrote a post titled "It Can't Happen To Me." In it, I talked about the attitude I run into repeatedly, one that seems to be now as ingrained as the idea that people gotta breathe, which is that … [Read More...]

Prisoner in cuffs signing paper

Let’s Make a Deal: the Joy of the Old “In-and-Out”

I've said before that I hate plea bargains. I think they should be illegal. They have become little more than a bludgeon that puts too many innocent people in jail, or prison, and imprisons even too many guilty people for longer than they … [Read More...]

Lost and Confused signpost vertical

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

A post this morning on "Thinking Like a Lawyer" snapped me to attention. It was perfect in so many ways, but one part in particular told me what I was writing about this morning. I write this blog for a couple of reasons. The primary reason is … [Read More...]