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Who Cares?

Blithely We Go

In 2008, Edward Robb Ellis's, A Diary of the Century: Tales from America's Greatest Diarist, was published. In it, the retired journalist chronicled his life from 1927 to 1995, keeping track of what was happening in his life, and the … [Read More...]

Shark vs. Guppy

The Suspicion Tax

Scott Greenfield wrote a post Friday on a topic that I've often wondered over, and which I've occasionally discussed with other attorneys. This is the question of the delay between a warrantless arrest, and the time when the arrested person … [Read More...]

Psychiatric Prisoners

We Are Not Nice People

We are not nice people. And by "we," I hope you do not erroneously come to the conclusion that I meant to exclude you. At least -- or, more accurately, I should say "particularly"--  in the United States, you are not a nice person.  … [Read More...]