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protesters carrying mattress

The Problem with Social Justice Warriors

There are times when it seems that the old saying, "There's no convincing some people," needs revision, editing, shortening, whatever: "There's no convincing people." As a lawyer, I see this as a troubling development. Now, in all … [Read More...]

picture of donuts

Don’t Blame It On The Donuts

One of the more difficult aspects of working as a criminal defense lawyer – particularly in Fresno, California, where there are fewer brain cells in those in leadership positions than there are those in leadership positions – is learning … [Read More...]

America: The Prison

Law & Freedom

Properly utilized, Law-with-a-capital-L is necessary to ensure freedom for as many people as possible in any space shared by more than one individual with divergent desires. This is ironic, since laws themselves are essentially the antithesis of … [Read More...]